Experience: Indoor - 100% practice
Duration:  from 1 hour to 8 hours
Number or participantsGroups from 10 to 300 participants

None activity generates risk for the participants, nor physical effort out of the ordinary.


Teamwork, Communication, Strategy and communication

Family day

* Each experience allows creating the bases to design Transformation Processes with the teams; from the reflections and the feedback of concepts.


Gotraining will provide all the necessary materials for the assembly and development of each test and/or experience and the badges for each team.


Challenges and competencies outdoor and indoor. In this experiential learning, real-life situations are presented in the professional field. Through each activity, participants will be led to reflect on the topic in search of generating actions and commitments for change.

Extreme Challenge: Live an outdoor risk and adrenaline experience in an adventure park (100% safe).

Team Race Challenge: Observation race.

Construction Challenge: Team-buildings of different elements. 

Breakout:Immersive experiences derived from escape games.

Music Band Challenge: Group orchestra supported by recyclable elements.

Paint Brush Challenge: A team, a mission, a work of art together.

Digital Experiences: Augmented Reality, Digital Puzzles, Digital Breakout, Learning Games, Online Games, Online Constructions, Role Playing Games, among others.


  1. Participants will be organized by teams to face different tests throughout the day. Each team will have its own badge (delivered by Gotraining) - Depending on the number of participants and orientation of the workshop -
  2. Teams and their participants must think, observe, feel and do.
  3. The type of challenge and / or competition depends on the place where the workshop is held.
  4. The tests will be Physical and / or mental. The teams will compete against each other to win the trophy.


  • Happy environments
  • Strategy design
  • Effective communication
  • Coordination and Collaboration
  • Enjoy in a different space and a healthy environment
  • Show skills, attitudes, ideas and potential in each participant
  • Improvement of the work environment
  • Synergy
  • Teamwork

¿How we do it?


In a virtual encounter we identify your needs, expectations and objectives. We introduce you to the GoTraining world, to its methodologies and services.


Based on the information collected, we design a customized virtual experience, seeking to be practical / theoretical.


We live the experience together in a virtual way using both different online digital tools and physical tools*


We generate feedback reports, measure the results and monitor over time.

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