Experience: Indoor - 100% practice
Duration: 4 hours, 8hours o 16 hours.
Number or participants: Groups from 6 to 15 participants
No special knowledge is required


Strategy, Leadership, Teamwork, Sales, Innovation, Change Management, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Communication ... etc.

* Each experience allows creating the bases to design Transformation Processes with the teams; from the reflections and the feedback of concepts.


Gotraining has more than 30,000 LEGO® brand blocks, which it places at the disposal of the participants so that their imagination, initiative and creativity are proved.


With this methodology we are able to three-dimensionalize the ideas and give “life” to concepts, opinions and reflections; all participants will be able to contribute to the discussion, the decisions and the result.

The four (4) steps of the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology (Ask, Build, Share and Reflect) allow participants to learn and reflect to obtain a wide variety of corporate results.

  • It allows to have a visual and spatial approach to solve problems.
  • It unlocks the imagination and allows you to generate new ideas.
  • Facilitates reflection, communication, individual and collective thinking and problem solving in real time.
  • It is more than a game or a course, it is a different and unique learning experience.


  • ASK: We introduce a challenge in a clear and concise manner to the participants so that they connect between them and focus resolving the challenge.  
  • BUILD: Participants build a model with LEGO® pieces in response to the challenge, developing a story to convey its meaning.
  • SHARE: Participants share their models and history. Everything is heard and analyzed.
  • REFLECT: The facilitator encourages reflection and analysis about the stories heard and the models built looking for the connection between reality and 3D models.


Happiness environments, Design of strategies in real time, Sharing a language regardless of culture or position, Enjoying in a different space and a healthy environment, Relevant and essential information to produce changes, Motivation and improvement of the work environment, Making the most of imagination, vision and ideas, Evidence skills, attitudes, ideas and potential in each participant.

¿How we do it?


In a virtual encounter we identify your needs, expectations and objectives. We introduce you to the GoTraining world, to its methodologies and services.


Based on the information collected, we design a customized virtual experience, seeking to be practical / theoretical.


We live the experience together in a virtual way using both different online digital tools and physical tools*


We generate feedback reports, measure the results and monitor over time.

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