A POWERFUL TEAM is transforms over time, therefore, knowing the needs and challenges of each organization, we have understood that a single event (or experience) doesn’t result in forceful changes.

Our PROCESSES evolve over time and allow teams to think, reflect and act constantly, effectively and productively to achieve a successful transformation

Gotraining has designed the following processes that, according to each need, are adapted in time, budget, methodology and tools.

On-site or virtual processes according to the needs of each organization:



High Level Leadership


Time and Productivity Management Process


Emotional Intelligence


Change Management Process


Consultative Sales



General Methodology: 

  • Experiential process
  • Individual or group diagnoses (online) to identify needs
  • Formulation of strategies and action plans
  • Integration of different Gotraining Experiences over time (Lego® Serious Play®, Indoor / Outdoor Training, Chain Reaction, Timer Bomb, Digital Experiences, Virtual Reality, Drones, Robotics) according to the process and challenges of each organization
  • Team coaching
  • Application of gamification, learning and reflection tools
  • Practical and theoretical components according to each design
  • Follow-up and Reinforcement sessions
  • Development of projects according to the theme


From one (1) month onwards (3, 6 or 12 months)

Amount of Participants: Work teams are defined according to the number of participants.


  • Material for the participants (designed by Gotraining)
  • Results and analysis of the diagnoses made
  • Periodic reports addressed to the heads of each process in the organization
  • Defined projects and implementation strategies
  • Monitoring the impact of the process (Pre, during and post process)
  • Others according to the theme and design of the process

Facilitators: Our team is made up of more than 30 certified experts in different methodologies with extensive experience and track record on the topics to be discussed.

Organizational achievements:  Transformation, change and optimization of the equipment according to the theme.

¿How we do it?


In a virtual encounter we identify your needs, expectations and objectives. We introduce you to the GoTraining world, to its methodologies and services.


Based on the information collected, we design a customized virtual experience, seeking to be practical / theoretical.


We live the experience together in a virtual way using both different online digital tools and physical tools*


We generate feedback reports, measure the results and monitor over time.

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