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By trusting us, they have contributed to these causes, without them it would not be possible.

Raise volunteers for our missions

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Spread the voice of these causes, hoping to motivate you so that you can directly contact them and support them, in money or in kind.

We Honor God's name throughout two main activities


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Our Contribution

Gotraining allocates a percentage of the profit of each project to contribute to different social causes.

To date, we have provided financial and other kinds support to the foundations and causes mentioned below.


Misión Guajira is a Fundation Genesis of  Leadership and Misiones program that seeks to create a positive social impact on the Wayu people by bringing professional help in different fields that contribute to improving the quality of life of each of the rancherías, respecting their customs and culture.


For donations:
Danilo Preciado 3502650405
Barranquilla - Colombia

Its mission is to transform the reality of children and young people who are in situations of vulnerability, from spaces that contribute to identify their life purpose and promote the development of skills in order to build character, temperance and resilience in the face of adversity.


For Donation:
Foundation Monarch Leaders +57 317 3734103
Bogotá - Colombia

Its purpose is to contribute to the construction of peace, through tennis, generating opportunities and transcendent changes in the social dynamics of boys and girls who have been victims of the armed conflict.


For Donation:
Foundation Match Tennis +57 300 825 6313

Bogotá - Colombia

The foundation Ideas para Construir is a non profit organization created in april of 2015 that seeks to improve the quality of life of children, teenagers, youth and their families, in vulnerable situations from marginal areas of Soacha (Commune IV of Cazucá); through a comprehensive care model that seeks to promote personal and social transformation, the strengthening of protective spaces and the construction of a culture of peace.


For Donation:
Juan Pablo Acuña 315 6131503

Bogotá - Colombia

EEVA: Together with the GROUPE BIBLIQUE DES HOPITAUX (GBH) Christian volunteer doctors, a medical campaign is carried out every month, where free medical consultation and delivery of medications are provided; Vaccination, deworming campaigns, AIDS awareness and malaria prevention conferences are held.

We help in the schooling of children, delivery of school supplies, clothing, shoes, food. According to the resources that come to us.

Counseling for parents, teens, and children.

Página web:

For Donations:
Sonia Eslava  +34 652 14 33 46
Costa de Marfil - África

Financial support on time month by month to venezuelan community in Usme, Bogotá

Financial support on time month by month to venezuelan family in San Antonio, Venezuela

Punctual financial support through a third party to the Los Robles Specialized Care Center.

Financial support on time month by month to Fundación Escala in Suba, Bogotá. 

Other supports in money and / or kind to people in need.

We are currently working on a medium-term project to provide electricity and drinking water to communities that do not have access to these services.

"Pray for this causes, fundations, and or people is the best you can do for them. Is not the only thing you can do but is the best". 

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