Experience: Indoor - 100% practice
Duration: from 1 hour to 3 hours
Number or participants: Groups from 10 to 500 participants
No special knowledge is required


Teamwork, Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Wit, Innovation, Creativity, Lateral thinking, Work under pressure, Competitiveness, Stress management.

*Each experience allows to create the bases to design Transformation Processes with the teams; from the reflections and the feedback of concepts.


Gotraining will provide all the necessary materials for the assembly and development of this experience: setting, materials, bomb, clothing, tracks, among others.


The goal is to take apart a "bomb" that contains a countdown. If the pump is not deactivated in time, a forceful action will occur that will affect (safely) all participants.


This is a practical, dynamic and adrenaline-charged experience that will test participants' ingenuity, recursion, decision-making capacity and stress management.

The dynamics proposed around the experience test the concentration and reaction capacity of each team member.


Each working group (defined at the beginning of the experience) will have to pass different tests of teamwork, cooperation and leadership to obtain passwords and keys that will allow the bomb to be taken apart.

In this activity different components are combined:

  • Team Building Challenges: Experiential dynamics that enhance values and abilities within teams and towards the organization. (communication, cooperation, coordination, collaboration, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, ingenuity, innovation, creativity, lateral thinking, work under pressure, competitiveness, stress management)
  • Technology: We make use of different augmented reality technologies and online tools in order to create a futuristic experience.
  • Brain Challenge: We have riddles and thought tests that each team must solve together. The funniest puzzles, so your team can solve them together.

¿How we do it?


In a virtual encounter we identify your needs, expectations and objectives. We introduce you to the GoTraining world, to its methodologies and services.


Based on the information collected, we design a customized virtual experience, seeking to be practical / theoretical.


We live the experience together in a virtual way using both different online digital tools and physical tools*


We generate feedback reports, measure the results and monitor over time.

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